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@hannahtyler77: More Halloween makeup! ? this time the Grinch! #makeup #halloween #halloweenmakeup #hannahtyler77 #mua #makeupartist #theme #inspo @jphunting

@hannahtyler77: It’s nearly Halloween!! ? And that means an excuse to get creative with makeup!!! Having fun playing around with costume themed makeup today and I have loads of ideas for other looks too so keep an eye out for them leading up to Halloween ? today’s look inspired by The Little Mermaid ? #makeup #mua #makeupartist #makeupinspo #halloween #halloweenmakeup #ursula #littlemermaid #costume #creative #inspo

@hannahtyler77: As promised, @jackpurcell21 let me do his makeup after reaching 1000 likes on my makeup page. Such a good boyfriend!! Love you ?❤️ #heisenberg #breakingbad #makeup #makeupartist #hannahtylermakeup #bestboyfriend #mehronmakeup @mehronmakeup @beautybybelinda

@hannahtyler77: Edward ✂️? #makeup #makeupartist #playtime #hannahtylermakeup

@hannahtyler77: Such a good boyfriend!! ? @jphunting #avatar #makeup #makeupartist #hannahtylermakeup

@hannahtyler77: Had a lot of fun recreating this look with @loucassv today!! Such a trooper cuz! #hannahtylermakeup #makeup #mua #makeupartist #superman #comic #colour

@hannahtyler77: Who’s ready to go out?? ? #hannahtylermakeup #makeup #makeupartist #mua #colour #abstract #saturdaynight #mehronmakeup #chichicosmetics #bysmakeup #bluehair

@hannahtyler77: My take on the classic sugar skull for Halloween!

@hannahtyler77: Sneak peek of Sunday’s makeup, still getting the hang of liquid latex!! #hannahtylermakeup #hannahtyler77 #makeup #makeupartist #sfx #fx #latex #cinema #movie #character

@hannahtyler77: Tonight’s makeup inspiration ? would kill to have that model’s cheekbones!! ? #makeup #makeupinspo #mua #makeupartist #hannahtyler77 #boho #berry #eyeshadow #wakeupandmakeup

@hannahtyler77: Boho Festival Makeup ✌️✨ thanks to @c_hinad0ll for the suggestion ? #boho #festivalmakeup #makeup #hannahtylermakeup #mua #colour #vamp #lips #instabeauty #instamakeup

@hannahtyler77: @livsordello #mua #makeupartist #makeup #hannahtyler #hannahtylermakeup

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Quentin Tarantino directing a scene in Django Unchained.Police boycott against Tarantino movies spreadsMovie session timesFull movies coverage
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Quentin Tarantino’s father Tony Tarantino has added his voice to the campaign against his son’s criticism of police, issuing a statement in which he said the two-time Oscar-winning writer-director was “dead wrong” to call police “murderers”.

“I love my son and have great respect for him as an artist but he is dead wrong in calling police officers, particularly in New York City where I grew up, murderers,” Tony Tarantino said.

“He is a passionate man and that comes out in his art but sometimes he lets his passion blind him to the facts and to reality.

“I believe that is what happened when he joined in those anti-cop protests,” Tarantino said.  “I wish he would take a hard, dispassionate look at the facts before jumping to conclusions and making these kinds of hurtful mistakes that dishonour an honorable profession.

“We have many friends and relatives who have served honorably in the NYPD and the LAPD and clearly, they risk their lives to keep the rest of us safe. Cops are not murderers, they are heroes.”

The statement was issued via the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association, the New York City police union whose chief, Paul Lynch, first called for a police-led boycott of Tarantino’s movies after the filmmaker took to the stage at the Rise Up October rally in Washington Square, New York, on Saturday October 24 to denounce police responsible for fatal shootings as “murderers”.

According to the website killedbypolice, 986 people have been killed by police in the US in 2015 alone.

Tony Tarantino’s comments will be welcomed by a campaign that has seen police unions in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New Jersey echo the boycott move, but to Quentin Tarantino it is likely to be little more than an irritant.

In a 2010 interview with the UK’s Telegraph, he said “I never knew my father. That’s the thing. I never knew him.”

“He wanted to be an actor,” he added. “Now he’s an actor only because he has my last name. But he was never part of my life. I didn’t know him. I’ve never met him.”

Quentin Tarantino’s next film, The Hateful Eight, will be released worldwide from early January 2016.

It is slated for limited release in the US from Christmas Day, a move designed to make it eligible for Oscar consideration. To be eligible, a movie must have played to paying customers in a cinema in Los Angeles County for at least one week in the calendar year before the awards ceremony.

It remains to be seen what impact, if any, the boycott will have on the chances of Tarantino, who has twice won the best screenplay award, for Pulp Fiction in 1995 and Django Unchained in 2013.

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Police are appealing for witnesses to a bag-snatching earlier this month after an elderly woman was dragged 10 metres when she refused to let go of her handbag.
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The woman, 88, had been grocery shopping in Wantirna South about 4.20pm on October 22.

She was returning to her car when she realised she had forgotten to buy bread.

As she walked back towards a supermarket on the corner Stud Road and Somerset Street, a man tried to grab the woman’s bag and run.

Knox detectives say the woman refused to let go and fell to the ground.

She was dragged about 10 metres before letting go.

Police said the man, described as Caucasian and in his 20s, jumped into the passenger side of a waiting silver Ford Falcon.

Witnesses said the car was driven by a woman in her 30s with long black hair, who was wearing black sunglasses and a striped shirt.

The car had yellow and black NSW number plates and black gaffer tape around the front spoiler.

It crashed into another car in Boronia Road a short time later.

The elderly woman was treated for injuries to her knee and shoulder at Knox Private Hospital.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

‘The Wallabies are gonna have the power of Chuck Norris’ spirit’, the action movie legend told the erudite Today panel. Photo: NineFear not scepticalAustralian rugby fans, forthe real Chuck Norris has given the Wallabies his “spiritual” blessing and thinks they’ll win the RugbyWorld Cup final against New Zealand.
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Speaking from Texasto KarlStefanovicandLisa Wilkinson onNine’sToday, Norris, a Hollywood action legendand former martial artist, confessed he was a rugby fan and backed Michael Cheika’s men to get the job done on Sunday morning.

Given his mythological status, aChuck Norris blessing is about as good as it gets.

“The thing is the New Zealand [All]Blacks have the war dance, but the Wallabiesare gonna havethe power of Chuck Norris’ spirit there to help them win the game,” Norris said. “They [the Wallabies]are going to win the World Cup.”

Norris has been taking a surprising interest in rugby since he came to Australia and became infatuated with the sport.

“I’ve done about eight trips to Australia promoting movies,” Norris said. “I went over there and promoted a movie calledLone Wolf McQuadeandI went to a rugbymatch and fell in love with this sport. To me, it’s oneof themost rugged sportsthereare out there and I like rugged stuff, so I became a big fan of rugby.”

Even Stefanovic, who has interviewed no shortage of celebrities in his time, was even a little starstruck when interviewing Norris.

“I can’t even talk to you Chuck Norris,” Stefanovic said. “All of my life I’ve been doing this stuff, you’re abonafidelegend.You’ve got to ask the questions Lisa.”

Asked whether he would ever run for the US Presidency, Norris laughed and told the pair what he would jokinglydo.

“During a debate, if any of my opponents and he attacked my character, I would jump over and choke him unconscious,” Norris said. “I don’t know if that would help me campaign.”

Bill Shorten says Labor will consider lowering the voting age if it wins the next election. Photo: Michelle SmithTHEYcan serve in the army, get a gun licence, drive a car, fly a plane and even leave home, but there’s one thing no 16 or 17-year-old in Australia can do – yet – and that’s vote in a federal election.
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But Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wants that to change that and in a speech on Saturday to a young Labor Party conference in Sydney, he will outline a plan to enfranchise an estimated half a million voters if the ALP is elected.

The ambitious proposal is designed to galvanise interest in politics among younger Australians and comes as 400,000 Australians aged 18-24 did not enrol to vote between 2010 and 2013.

In the speech, Mr Shorten will promise that Senator Sam Dastyari, the shadow parliamentary secretary for youth, will consult with community leader and young Australians across the country on the proposal and report back to him on whether the voting age should be lowered to 17 or 16.

Mr Shorten points out that 17,000 Australians aged 16 or 17 paid more than $41 million in income tax in 2012-13.

“Too many of your peers are falling through the cracks in our democracy. More fines and penalties from the AEC won’t fix this. More speeches from politicians won’t change it. Only you can change that,” Mr Shorten will tell his young audience.

“The worst outcome for our country would be for young Australians like you to lose faith in the power of our democracy to change our nation for the better.

“Parliaments have to trust the people they serve. This is why I want Australia to think about lowering the voting age, to give more young Australians a say.”

At a time of high youth unemployment and concern about issues including the rising cost of housing and university education, Mr Shorten says democracy has a growing participation problem.

“We, the Parliament of Australia, should extend that trust to include a direct, empowered say in our democracy. It’s certainly occurring in other parts of the world. Young Australians like you deserve the right to shape the laws and policies that shape your lives,” he will say.

Any move to lower the voting age may well deliver a direct boost to the political fortunes of left-of-centre parties including Labor and the Greens.

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