Chuck Norris backs Wallabies to beat All Blacks

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‘The Wallabies are gonna have the power of Chuck Norris’ spirit’, the action movie legend told the erudite Today panel. Photo: NineFear not scepticalAustralian rugby fans, forthe real Chuck Norris has given the Wallabies his “spiritual” blessing and thinks they’ll win the RugbyWorld Cup final against New Zealand.

Speaking from Texasto KarlStefanovicandLisa Wilkinson onNine’sToday, Norris, a Hollywood action legendand former martial artist, confessed he was a rugby fan and backed Michael Cheika’s men to get the job done on Sunday morning.

Given his mythological status, aChuck Norris blessing is about as good as it gets.

“The thing is the New Zealand [All]Blacks have the war dance, but the Wallabiesare gonna havethe power of Chuck Norris’ spirit there to help them win the game,” Norris said. “They [the Wallabies]are going to win the World Cup.”

Norris has been taking a surprising interest in rugby since he came to Australia and became infatuated with the sport.

“I’ve done about eight trips to Australia promoting movies,” Norris said. “I went over there and promoted a movie calledLone Wolf McQuadeandI went to a rugbymatch and fell in love with this sport. To me, it’s oneof themost rugged sportsthereare out there and I like rugged stuff, so I became a big fan of rugby.”

Even Stefanovic, who has interviewed no shortage of celebrities in his time, was even a little starstruck when interviewing Norris.

“I can’t even talk to you Chuck Norris,” Stefanovic said. “All of my life I’ve been doing this stuff, you’re abonafidelegend.You’ve got to ask the questions Lisa.”

Asked whether he would ever run for the US Presidency, Norris laughed and told the pair what he would jokinglydo.

“During a debate, if any of my opponents and he attacked my character, I would jump over and choke him unconscious,” Norris said. “I don’t know if that would help me campaign.”

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