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Guest artist Emily Valentine Bullock at work.CRAFT is an artform as deserving of gallery space as a painting, according to this year’s Tasmanian Craft Fair guest artist.

Sydney-based artist and jewellery maker Emily Valentine Bullock said craft was the ‘‘oldest form’’ of art.

‘‘The public galleries have ignored craft for many years,’’ she said.

‘‘I would like to see more craft in gallery spaces rather than dedicated craft shops.

‘‘I think it must be included fully in visual arts and I’d like to see it included in the public spaces.’’

This is the New Zealand-born artist’s first year at the Tasmanian Craft Fair.

Valentine Bullock began working with feathers as a jewellery artist and has since affixed them to statuettes of pugs, planes and headbands.

She has also won prizes for her wearable art, including best ‘‘bizarre bra’’ at New Zealand’s World of Wearable Art competition in 2002 for her ‘‘budgerigar brassier’’.

The artist traps the Indian myna for feathers, which she fixes to statuettes of domestic animals, and has also used feathers from lorikeets killed on the road. ‘‘People get confused with the utilitarianism of craft, but utilitarian products can be beautiful and lovely and give you just as much pleasure as a canvas,’’ she said. ‘‘With my work I think it’s playful and fun and it takes people in a new direction and like all artwork it talks about something at a different level. It talks about how we treat animals and we classify animals and why we think some animals are nicer than others.’’


WHAT: 2015 Tasmanian Craft Fair.

WHERE: Deloraine.

WHEN: October 30 to November 2.

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