Halloween costumes to die for

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Nothing beats the undead for Halloween horror fun. Read onfor some fiendishly fun costume ideas for your best Halloween ever.

Zombie is still the bomb A few well placed gapping wounds will make you a truly terrifying zombie.

Still hugely popular is the zombie. This look iseasy to create with a bit of make-up and the truly great thing is it goes with any outfit. Be a zombie nurse,policeman or librarian for that matter.

The look is pale and sickly (think grey and pale-green face paint) and then add some fresh bite marks, bruises and plenty of rotting wounds around the body. Ripped clothes with wounds showing through work a treat and remember, the gorier the better.

See how to get the zombie look here

Vampires rule Vampires as still all the rage and easy to emulate.

Really who would be a hairy stinky werewolf?

Let’s just say Twilight still has a lot to answer for. Vampires are cool and can be hot if you get the balance between scary and sexy right.You will need tons of fake blood with, false fangs and lots of dark clothing. Use dramatic make-up to finish off the look.

Vampires are technically dead so make sure you go pale on the face. If really adventurous you could lighten your eyes with contacts for the spookiest effect. Then let rip with lots of dramatic dark make-up around the eyes to make them really stand out.

Dressing up as a vampire can be as easy or as complex as you like.

Skeleton crew Skeletons never go out of style.

With some careful white and black work you can transform your face into that of a skeleton. Take it further with a full body suit or just don some skeleton gloves.

A great idea for couples is the skeleton horror bride and groom. A match made in hell.

The lovely couple.

Day of the dead or Dia de los MuertosIt’s pretty and it’s creepy – got to love that.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated throughout Mexico and the Catholic world… Italy, Spain, South America and the Philippines all celebrate All Souls and All Saints Day on November 1st and 2nd.

Pretty and a little bit creepy.

Start with a whited out face. Next add the black around eyes, the end of the nose and lips. Add some black swirls and maybe stiches to the lips. Now it’s time to add the pretty. Lots of colour works well with the black and white.

Try a flower, heart or fan in the middle of your forehead or on the chin. Place another circle of colour around the black of the eyes and add several different coloured circles all the way around. Lots of pretty flowers to frame your face and for more colour can be added.

Halloween costumes to die for TweetFacebookSnakes alive Medusa’s look is easy to acheive with a greenish skin tinge, black lips and lots of rubber snakes.

Let your creativity go wild with a look straight out of Greek Mythology. Priestess Athena turned Medusa into this monster withhairof venomous snakes, eyes that wereblood-shot, furious orbs,and skin that assumed a loathsome greenish tinge. Perfect for Halloween.

Movies inspirations

The Exorcist

Photo Graham Tidy, Getty Images.

Reagan from The Exorcist is still arguably the scariest character created on screen. There are some great YouTube videos on the web on how to apply professional Exorcist make-up. Make sure you get the cuts just right, the sunken, eye sockets and the dry lips. Some light coloured contacts will also work a treat as will a green, slimey vomit like substance which can be spilled down the front of your light coloured nightdress.


Image supplied

Maleficent is easily identifiable with her chiseled cheekbones and black horned turban like headwear. Draped in black, she is also recognisable for a satin band around her neckand some black wing like protrusions from the base of her throat.

The Corpse Bride

Emily, the corpse bride is another great character from cinema that will make an outstanding costume for Halloween. Again there is some distinctive make-up work you can do for this character that will have you looking like a dead bride in no time. See this YouTube video to show you how.

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