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PROVEN WRONG: Letter-writer Roy Jones says critics of the controversial Ulumbarra Theatre should eat their words.

Ulumbarra Theatre critics slammedThis is a broadside to those critical exhibitionists who lambasted the completion of the Ulumbarra complex.

Such a complex refurbishment calls in many fertile minds initially to think of the concept to project the need, to raise finance from multiple sources to find architects to soak in the complexities of design requirements and then deliver such a complex building as they indeed have.

Yes, the finish was late. So what! So was the payment to the deserving local builders. Where did your sympathies lie?We now have a magnificent auditorium and art centre coupled to the Bendigo High School to be proud of in Bendigo current use and in historic significance and worth every cent and brass razoo.

I invite these purveyors of depredation to climb down from their soapbox and write an appreciative addendum of praise, then get off their shiny posterior and create something worthy and lasting.

With one arm and one eye I am proud of what I have contributed to Bendigo, but more proud of what past and present citizens of our beautiful city have given us.

Roy Jones, BendigoFlushing ratepayers’ money awayI live in Raywood and we are having our 150th Back to Raywoodin November.I went to a meeting today and they told me we have to pay to get the toilet at the recreation reserve fixed.

Why? The council say they are not their toilets but they pay someone who lives at Raywood to clean the toilets.So does that mean they are the council’s toilets?

The toilets are a health hazard. Why do we pay our rates? So the council can take care of things like this.We will have to get portaloos for the Back to Raywood.

Colleen Freestone, RaywoodCouncillor expenses out of controlThe revelations in the Bendigo Advertiser (October 31) in relation to “Councillors expense claims” is one that should make ratepayers outraged (I will bet it doesn’t).

Councillors are only claiming that which is available, yet I thought the $28,000 remuneration package for councillors was to cover their expenses whilst representing the community.

To be advised that there is “no upperlimit”or restrictions on claiming expenses is saying that the ratepayers have deep and endless pockets.

I am disappointed by the response of the Minister for Local Government, the parent of this child called local government.The minister should do more than just give lukewarm responses to ratepayers’ concerns, otherwise there is that feeling that this is a political and election ploy.

The minister should step in and ensure that the councillors are listening to the community, as it appears to some that this council has the opinion that those who oppose them are naive and self-interested reactionariesbecause they do not listen.

It appears that council’s plans and costs are now colliding with soft household income and should be thoroughly examined by the minister.

Those old councillors who gave their service for nothing as a community function must be turning in their graves.

Bill Collier, Golden SquareRates cap fits the billThe Andrews Labor government took a commitment to capping council rates and ensuring a fair and sustainable local government sector – and we will deliver it.

Legislation for the Labor government’s Fair Go Rates system is before the parliament and will come into effect in the 2016-17 financial year.No council will be exempt from the system.

If a council has projects that they believe require it to go above the cap, then the council will need to demonstrate to the Essential Services Commission that an increase is warranted.In doing so, the council will need to demonstrate it has the support of its community and that it fits within the efficient use of the council resources.

On average, over the past decade we’ve seen council rates rise by 6 per cent every year. It’s unsustainable and it’s unfair.The only question left about our Fair Go Rates system is whether or not the Liberal opposition will support it. Because they should.

Our Fair Go Rates system will ensure that there is greater transparency for councils and that uncontrolled rate rises are a thing of the past.

Natalie Hutchins, Minister for Local GovernmentThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲美睫培训学校.

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