Lions clash at eightball grand final

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A crowd of 72 people witnessed the historic grand final at Lions Soccer Clubrooms between two Lions teams – Lions Black and Lions Gold.

Lions clash at eightball grand final I.Mullen,S.McCarrick,G.Bowie,D.Morrison,S.Vandersluys,S.Kinnear,A.Ripley,G.Worsnop Snr, S.Kilpatrick,R.Mullen,G.Worsnop Jnr, A.Peacock, M.Worsnop, S.Tooby, G.Williams.

CHAMPIONS: D.Gani, G.Williams, I.Mullen, S.Vandersluys, R.Mullen (holding shield), G.Bowie, D.Morrison, S.McCarrick, and captain G.Worsnop Snr.

G.Worsnop presents the singles champion trophy to Steve Warren.

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