Narromine Shire aim to stand alone regardless

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The shire’s future was the only topic at council’s extraordinary meeting on Wednesday evening.

Narromine Shire aim to stand alone regardless IVAN?TRUSCOTT: “I believe we can stand alone. I think the State Government should have to prove they’re Fit for the Future. Three tiers of government is ridiculous, we should stand alone and tell them to get nicked.”

LES LAMBERT: “When I was elected in 1999 I was asked if I would ever agree to merge with Dubbo, my answer was no then and it still is.”

RUTH CARNEY: “It’s scary, we need to get heaps of feedback at the public meeting. I hope the community will back us.”

SUE McCUTCHEON: “We can stand alone. The other councils feel the same as us, we have to fight this. It’s political games. While they’re telling us what to do we’re not a democracy, we’re a socialist government. We need to take it to the government.”

TONY ELLIS: “I think we can stand alone, I thought IPART were meant to be independent. The whole thing is a sham. The hide of them (the State Government)giving us bullying and harrassment policies, and then bullying and harrassing us.”

BILL McANALLY: :We can stand alone. It’s not about councils anymore, it’s political. I want council to understand where we are and our options.Tell us we’re usless, we’re not.”

DAWN COLLINS: “I believe the public meeting is very important. The community needs to be made to understand. There is a lot of negativity about joining with Dubbo but they need to be aware of where we are.”

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