Zombies sighted in Ballarat

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Wes Hines and his two sons spent almost three weeks creating the installation on Creswick Road ahead of Halloween. Picture: Dellaram Vreeland.LOCAL residents have been urged to stay on high alert after a hordeof zombies were spotted heading towards Ballarat.

Nicely dressed and observed to be mostly men, the undead creatures appear to be descending on the populated town at a zombie-like pace.

The unusual scene has caused many passing by to slow down and, in some obscure cases even stop and take a photo.

In an unusual twist, it seems a field of sunflowers and crazed lawnmowers could be the only barrier stopping the zombies crossing into Ballarat territory.

The installation has been created completely from recycled goods. Picture: Wes Hines.

Many Ballarat residents have taken to social media since the alleged sightings began, with some even posting selfies with the creatures.

HELP!!! The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us here in Ballarat! pic.twitter南京夜网/uERD604lEO

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